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Shifting Gears SLD & RtI | Professional Development

Florida Response to Intervention:


Student Support Services:



Evidenced Based Practices & Implementation

Response to Intervention

Learning Disabilities & Rules



Professional Development

Communities of Practice–A New Approach to Solving Complex Educational Problems (pdf)

Guide to Professional Learning Teams (pdf)

Learning Collaborative Toolkit (pdf)

Best Practices in Providing School Psychological Services within an RtI Model (pdf)

Role of the School Psychologist in the RtI Process (pdf)

Problem Solving and RtI: New Roles for School Psychologists (pdf)

Progress Monitoring: Study Group Content Module (pdf)

School Psychology Forum: Research in Practice
Response to Intervention: The Role of and Effect on School Psychology (pdf)

RTI Action Network
The RTI Action Network is dedicated to the effective implementation of Response to Intervention (RTI) in school districts nationwide.

The IRIS Center on Response to Intervention
Provides online interactive resources that translate research about students with disabilities into practice. Materials cover a variety of evidence-based topics including behavior, RTI, learning strategies, and progress monitoring.

IDEA Partnership
Dedicated to improving outcomes for students and youth with disabilities by joining state agencies and stakeholders through shared work and learning.


IDEA Training Curriculum

Early Intervening Services and Response to Intervention
PowerPoint Trainer Guide

Introduction to Evaluation in IDEA 2004
PowerPoint Discussion Slides

Evaluation in IDEA 2004
PowerPoint Discussion Slides

Identification of Children with SLD
PowerPoint Discussion Slides

Features and Other Characteristics of SLD Section 4 Activity 4.2 (pdf)

Evaluating Children for Disability Handouts (pdf)

Evaluating Children for Disability Resources (pdf)

Dialogue Guide–Facilitator Handbook (pdf)


RTI Modules

Introduction to CBM for Progress Monitoring
PowerPoint Manual

Using CBM for Progress Monitoring in Reading
PowerPoint Manual Handouts

Using CBM for Progress Monitoring in Math
PowerPoint Manual Handouts

Using CBM Progress Monitoring for Written Expression and Spelling
PowerPoint Manual Handouts

Other Ways to Use CBM Data
PowerPoint Manual Handouts

Using CBM to Determine Response to Intervention
PowerPoint Manual Handouts