Student Services Week

Student Services Week is celebrated during the first week of February in Florida. Student Services Week is an opportunity to feature the exceptional services provided by school counselors, school nurses, school psychologists, and school social workers. Highlights include the commitment and dedication to support the behavioral, mental, physical, and social health of all students. For example, here is a young man who has recently graduated from one of our public schools here in Florida. He is a picture of resiliency and promise. See for yourself when you watch this short introduction:

Each day this week we will share with you a little more about the importance of our work both in our unique professional disciplines and together as an integrated team.


Student Services Week Wrap-Up
Closing Message from Dr. Bob

Friday, February 5 — Leon, Broward, Duval, and Pinellas County School Districts
Medicaid in Schools Presentation by Nanci English

Thursday, February 4 — Pinellas County School District
School Social Work and Mental Health Presentation by Iris Williams and Martha Rodriguez

Wednesday, February 3 — Manatee County School District
School Nursing Presentation by Teresa Masterson

Tuesday, February 2 — An Integrated Student Support Services Project
School Pyschology Presentation by Jesús Avilés

Monday, February 1 — Leon County School District
School Counseling Presentation by Felicia Trumpler and Damera Hopkins


In case you missed any Stories from the Field from previous years, click on the links below.

Friday, February 8 — Duval, Alachua, and Polk County School Districts
(Plus a special note from Dr. José Castillo, Director, Institute for School Reform, Principal Investigator, Student Support Services Project)
Thursday, February 7 — Charlotte and Volusia County School Districts
We apologize, but due to technical difficulties, stories featured Monday through Wednesday (February 4-6) are no longer available.
Friday, February 9 — Volusia, Hernando, and Palm Beach County School Districts
(Plus a special note from Dr. George Batsche, Director, Student Support Services Project)
Thursday, February 8 — Charlotte, Miami-Dade, and Pasco County School Districts
Wednesday, February 7 — Duval County School District
Tuesday, February 6 — Duval and Polk County School Districts
Monday, February 5 —Levy and Pasco County School Districts