Florida has established an annual Student Services Week the first week of February. Each year, the Student Support Services Project asks Florida's Student Services Directors to share stories from their districts that highlight the impact of the work student services professionals do every day that contributes to the success of our students. Not only do these stories help us celebrate throughout the week, they provide a way for districts to see what their colleagues are involved in across our state.

In case you missed any Stories from the Field, click on the links below.

Friday, February 8 — Duval, Alachua, and Polk County School Districts
(Plus a special note from Dr. José Castillo, Director, Institute for School Reform, Principal Investigator, Student Support Services Project)
Thursday, February 7 — Charlotte and Volusia County School Districts
We apologize, but due to technical difficulties, stories featured Monday through Wednesday (February 4-6) are no longer available.
Friday, February 9 — Volusia, Hernando, and Palm Beach County School Districts
(Plus a special note from Dr. George Batsche, Director, Student Support Services Project)
Thursday, February 8 — Charlotte, Miami-Dade, and Pasco County School Districts
Wednesday, February 7 — Duval County School District
Tuesday, February 6 — Duval and Polk County School Districts
Monday, February 5 —Levy and Pasco County School Districts