Photo of Nancy English

Nanci English, MPA

Medicaid in Schools Consultant

Nanci English is the Medicaid in Schools' consultant with the Student Support Services Project for the Florida Department of Education. Nanci has over 15 years of experience in the areas of education and Medicaid in schools. Before joining the project, Nanci worked for the School Board of Broward County as the Medicaid Specialist supporting the Medicaid in Schools' program. In her current position, she serves as a liaison between school districts, the state Medicaid agency, and other stakeholders in the Medicaid in school's program. Her focus in this position is to collaborate, communicate, disseminate information, and provide leadership to school districts and other stakeholders pertaining to the implementation and operational readiness of the district's Medicaid in Schools' program.

Nanci is the Region 2 State Education Agency Board Representative and Committee Chair for Bylaws, Policies & Procedures with the National Alliance for Medicaid in Education (NAME). Nanci has a master's in public administration.

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