Photo of Felicia Trumpler

Felicia Trumpler, MEd, MA

School Counseling Consultant

Felicia Trumpler is the Learning and Development Facilitator in her role as the School Counseling Consultant. She supports schools, districts, and other stakeholders in providing technical assistance with student progression, military supports for military connected families and all things graduation requirements for the State of Florida. She is committed to ensuring student success inside of the classroom and in life.

Felicia believes equipping students and families, along with establishing strong connections, is critical in the development of lifelong learners. She has experience working with students receiving services under the care of the Department of Juvenile Justice, Teenage Parent Program and Families in Transition.

Felicia has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education K-6, a Master of Education in School Guidance and Counseling PK-12, and a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Homeland Security. Felicia can be reached at or

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