Photo of Beverley Wilks

Beverley Wilks, LCSW

School Social Work Consultant

As the School Social Work Consultant with the Student Support Services Project at the Florida Department of Education, Beverley Wilks provides:
  • Assistance on mental health initiatives and support service around grief and crisis counseling
  • Technical assistance and guidance on assessment and interventions activities that promotes independent educational outcome for students
  • Truancy identification and intervention services and case management
  • Guidance on comprehensive parent/home and school/classroom-based training programs that assist educators and parents in problem solving and assessment for intervention

Beverley brings to this position experience as a practitioner and an educator. She has 21 years of clinical experience as a social worker in the educational sector and has extensive experience in MSW intern training and evaluation in school social work practice. She has classroom experience both at the college and secondary levels. She has provided instruction as an undergraduate adjunct instructor in Social Work Practice and high school instruction as a Mathematics teacher.

Beverley has certifications in both Educational Leadership and School Social Work. She served as a former President and Board member of the Florida Association of School Social Workers (FASSW).

Beverley believes that student's success and performance can be improved through the collaborative delivery of coherent social services.

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