This web-based guide is a resource for Florida districts to facilitate the identification and selection of instruments for conducting diagnostic assessments, comprehensive evaluations, and for screening and progress monitoring students in a multi-tiered system of support. The web-based guide is a resource providing a selective sample of current assessment instruments with recognized quality and technical adequacy (e.g., reliability, validity, standardization).

School districts are responsible for ensuring that assessments are administered by qualified evaluators in accordance with the evaluation procedures in 34 CFR § 300.304 and Rule 6A-6.0331, F.A.C., established ethical/professional standards, and the test publisher’s instructions. For detailed information on evaluation procedures, see Part 1, Section H of your district's Special Policies and Procedures.

This resource is not intended to provide a comprehensive compendium of evaluation tools nor are districts limited to, or required to use, the instruments listed.

Group of Students

How to use...

The assessment instruments are organized under three broad categories: 1) General Evaluation Instruments developed to be used with all student populations, 2) Specialized Evaluation Instruments developed to be used with specialized populations, and 3) Screening and Progress Monitoring Instruments designed to be used as universal screeners and progress monitoring tools in a multi-tiered system of support.

For each assessment instrument:

  • Select the broad category of assessment (listed above);
  • Select the relevant subcategory for a list of the related evaluation instruments
  • Select the test/evaluation instrument (you will be taken to the publisher's website for more detailed information).