This course is designed to assist individuals responsible for the education of students with disabilities. It provides an overview of the requirements and benefits of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (hereafter referred to as Section 504).

Contents: The course is organized into a pre-test, a post-test, and ten modules:

Module 1 — Introduction to Section 504
Module 2 — A Section 504 Disability
Module 3 — Child Find and Section 504 Evaluations
Module 4 — Section 504 Disability and Need for Section 504 Plan Determination
Module 5 — Developing and Implementing a Section 504 Plan
Module 6 — Medical/Health Conditions and Individual Health Care Plans
Module 7 — Procedural Safeguards and Grievance Procedures
Module 8 — Discipline
Module 9 — Comparison of Section 504 and IDEA 2004
Module 10 — Postsecondary Students and Section 504

Pre-test and Post-test: There are two short "true/false" tests that allow you to check your Section 504 knowledge before and after taking the course. You will use the pre-test to identify areas you'll want to put extra focus on when you go through the course. Use the post-test to identify any areas where you may want to return for extra review after finishing the course.

Interactivity: Throughout the course, you will see sections with images that say "dispel the myth." Dispel the mythThese sections present brief interactive opportunities for you to read a common misconception about a Section 504 topic, then click the image to dispel the myth, and view the reality concerning the topic.

Inservice Credit: Participants completing this online course, pre- and post-tests, and review of the OCR technical assistance documents (Protecting Students with Disabilities: Frequently Asked Questions about Section 504 and the Education of Children with Disabilities and Questions and Answers on the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 for Students with Disabilities Attending Public Elementary and Secondary Schools), will be awarded a certificate and three (3) inservice points.

Begin: Click to proceed to the Pre-test.