Course Conclusion

Congratulations on completing the introductory course for Section 504!

Instructions for printing the certificate of completion:

  1. The certificate is a PDF file, so you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Adobe Reader may be downloaded free from Adobe. (Note: Mac users should open the certificate in Adobe Reader and NOT Mac Preview.)
  2. Download and open the file Certification of Completion.
  3. When the file opens, it will have a blank space for you to enter your name. Just click anywhere in that space and type your name. (The date on the certificate will always reflect the date on which you open the file and not the date you completed the course.)
  4. Once you have entered your name, click the printer icon in the Adobe Reader toolbar to print the completed certificate.
  5. Note: The regular "Save" option is not available because this file is protected (i.e. "locked") from normal editing. However, you can save a copy of the completed certificate to your computer by clicking "File" then "Save As" using a new file name.

Thank you for participating in this learning experience.

Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services