Module 7 — Procedural Safeguards and Grievance Procedures

Procedural safeguards are established to ensure that parents and guardians are fully informed about decisions involving their child and to inform them of their rights under Section 504. Section 504 establishes the following procedural safeguards with respect to actions regarding the identification, evaluation, or educational placement of students with a disability (34 CFR §104.36):

  • Notice of policies of nondiscrimination
  • Opportunity for the parents or guardians to examine relevant records
  • Impartial hearing with the opportunity for participation by the student’s parents or guardian and representation by counsel
  • Review procedure

Parents of eligible students may also present grievances to the district Section 504 Coordinator. The district procedures for Section 504 due process hearing will govern how a Section 504 impartial hearing is requested and conducted.

The following items will be covered in this section:

Provision of Notice

Grievance and Hearing Procedure

Review Procedure and OCR Complaints

Due Process Standards to Handle Discrimination Grievances

Section 504 Grievance Procedures

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