Academic Adjustments

  • A recipient institution must make certain adjustments to its academic requirements and practices if they discriminate or have the effect of discriminating against a student because of that student’s disability. Academic requirements that the recipient can demonstrate are essential to the instruction being pursued by such student or to any directly related licensing requirement will not be regarded as discriminatory within the meaning of this section (34 CFR §104.44(a)).
  • Recipient postsecondary institutions may not impose rules that have the effect of limiting the participation of students with disabilities in the education program (34 CFR §104.44(b)).
  • Course examinations or other evaluation procedures shall be administered to qualified students who have disabilities that impair their sensory, manual, or speaking skills in such a manner that the results of the evaluation represent the student’s achievement in the course rather than reflection the student’s impaired sensory, manual, or speaking skills (except where such skills are the factors that the test purports to measure 34 CFR §104.44(c)).
  • A recipient institution must ensure that no student with a disability is subject to discrimination in the recipient’s program because of the absence of necessary auxiliary education aids (34 CFR §104.44(d)).

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