“Periodic” reevaluations must take place for students with disabilities. The district must establish procedures consistent with 34 CFR §104.35(d). A reevaluation procedure consistent with IDEA is one way of meeting this requirement although many districts annually review the disability and services determinations (Frequently Asked Questions about Section 504, OCR 2013).

A Section 504 reevaluation would consist of a review of the Section 504 plan and current data on performance, including classroom grades and assessment information. Reevaluation under Section 504 does not require a comprehensive evaluation and the Section 504 team determines if additional information is required. Additionally, it is best practice to review the student’s Section 504 plan at critical transition times, such as when a student transfers from one school to another, from elementary to middle school, or from middle to high school.

Reevaluations under Section 504 are also required before any significant change in placement occurs, such as expulsion, a pattern of serial suspensions that exceeds 10 days in a school year, and significant change in the delivery of educational accommodations or services specified in the Section 504 plan.

An annual review is best practice since school staff, subject matter, and school demands change annually. It is imperative that all staff are aware of responsibilities for implementation of a Section 504 plan. If the student remains disabled, the team should focus on the student’s changing needs due to the effects of different classroom subject matter, school demands, and other factors for the coming school year.

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MYTH: A reevaluation under Section 504 must be conducted every three years, just like under IDEA.

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