Student Support Services Project Information

Why does Student Support Services exist as a project?

The Student Support Services Project exists to develop and promote the implementation of a statewide system of comprehensive, multi-tiered supports for all students across Florida. This includes providing leadership and expertise related to the social, emotional, behavioral, mental, physical health, and safety of all students to engage in effective academic and behavioral instruction and interventions.

What does the project do?

  • Provides policy and legislative analysis
  • Provides statewide leadership development
  • Provides technical assistance and training
  • Develops, promotes, and supports innovative practices for student services professionals and other educators to coordinate systems and improve student outcomes

What behaviors describe our way of work?

  • Applying evidence-based practices internally and externally by using multiple sources of data within the team-based planning and problem solving process
  • Integrating and aligning efforts across areas of expertise (school counseling, school psychology, school social work, school nursing) to result in a unified, comprehensive, and efficient system of supports for learning
  • Connecting our efforts to student outcomes by removing barriers to learning for improved student engagement