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Guidance Papers
Students with Life-Threatening Allergies, 2017 Updated Guidance
  • Florida DOE Memo — Updated Guidelines for Students with Life-Threatening Allergies, DPS: 2017-96, September 22, 2017 (PDF Download)
Florida DOE Memos
Students With Life-Threatening Allergies (2009-229) (December 14, 2009)

Other Resources
2016 Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP) (PDF Download) - A workgroup of school nurses in Polk County, in collaboration with Dr. Henry Rodriguez and an interdisciplinary team at the USF Diabetes Center, developed this 2016 Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP). Parents complete only the blue section (page 1) and the healthcare provider completes the red section (pages 2 & 3). This DMMP template may be adapted for local use.

2015 Guidlines for the Care and Delegation of Care for Students with Diabetes in Florida Schools (PDF Download) provides guidelines for registered professional school nurses and other assistive personnel working for the local departments of health and local school districts to help ensure that students with diabetes are provided a safe learning environment and are fully integrated into school activities in accordance with federal and state laws. Related attachments:

  • Section 1002.20(3)(j), Florida Statutes, Diabetes Management (.doc)
  • Rule 6A-6.0253, Florida Administrative Code, Diabetes Management (.doc)
  • PowerPoint slides (.pptx)
2013 Guidelines for the Care and Delegation of Care for Students with Asthma in Florida Schools (PDF Download) provides guidelines for school nurses and other assistive personnel working for county health departments and local school districts to provide a safe learning environment for students with asthma.
2010 Asthma Survey Report (PDF Download) and Presentation (PDF Download) — In partnership with the Florida Department of Education and the Department of Health, School Health Program, the Florida Asthma Prevention and Control Program (FLAPCP) surveyed Florida School Health Coordinators in 57 county school districts regarding the national Expert Panel 3 (EPR3): Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma.
Emergency Guidelines for Schools (2016) Florida Edition (PDF Download)This edition includes flowcharts to guide the care for students in emergency situations when the school nurse is not on campus and provides valuable information about infection control, emergency planning for students with special needs, injury reporting, school safety and emergency preparedness.
Florida School Health Administrative Guidelines (2012) (PDF Download)Provides policy guidance on common school health issues for Florida school health administrators.
Immunization Guidelines: Florida Schools, Child Care Facilities, and Family Day Care Homes (Effective March 2013) (PDF Download)Provides technical assistance for healthcare providers, public and private schools, childcare facility operators, family daycare home operators, school health personnel, and county health department personnel regarding school immunization requirements.
Lice Solutions provides parents, schools, and medical facilities with safe and effective means for dealing with head lice.
Medication Use In Schools: A Resource Manual, Florida Edition 2003 (PDF Download) — A collaborative effort designed to provide reference information and best practice policies on issues pertaining to medication use and administration in the school setting. The 258 page document was developed and edited by an interdisciplinary group of school nurses, pharmacists, and physicians, including representatives from the Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Education. It is provided by the Florida Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (FSHP) with funding by a grant from the Merck Foundation.
School Entry Health Exam has been designed to meet the requirements for the school entry health examination, as mandated by s.1003.22, Florida Statute. It provides basic health and screening information that will assist the school and school health personnel in meeting the needs of the child. The following are available for download:
School Nurse Delegation Technical Assistance Guidelines (PDF Download)Updated in 2010, this Q & A document clarifies nursing standards for the delegation of health care services in school settings.