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Tools and Forms
Fee-for-Service School Certified Match Reimbursement Report is updated quarterly on the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration website.
Medicaid Certified School Match Program: Potential Annual Medicaid Reimbursement Worksheets, Updated September 2018 (MS Excel)
Medicaid/IEP Partipation Report, December 2016 (MS Excel)
Notice of Parental Rights Concerning the Use of Public Benefits or Insurance (DOCX) Parental Consent Form for Release of Personally Identifiable Information for Medicaid Reimbursement (PDF) Parental consent and notification requirements for sharing information related to Medicaid and Private Insurance Billing in Florida Administrative Code-FAC6A-6.03028 (PDF)
AHCA Guidance
AHCA statewide monitor and monitoring process (11/16/18) (DOCX)
Medicaid managed care plans and MOAs with school districts (1/17/19) (DOCX)
Coding RMS moment when selected participant is not scheduled to work or in on paid leave (4/24/19) (DOCX)
AHCA Transportation Rate Calculations
AHCA Transportation Rate Calculation Guide (DOCX)
AHCA Transportation Calculation Sheet (XLS)
Medicaid Handbooks and Guides
CMS Medicaid School-Based Administrative Claiming, May 2003 (PDF)
Draft AHCA Florida Medicaid School-Based Services Coverage Policy (PDF)
Job Title Certification Form (AHCA-November 2016) (PDF)
Medicaid Certified School Match Handbook, January 2005 (PDF)
Florida School District Medicaid Administrative Claiming Guide, November 2013 (PDF)
Notes — Conference calls related to schools and Medicaid
Quarterly Call (8/29/19)
Quarterly Call (5/14/19)
Quarterly Call (3/6/19)
  • PowerPoint –  Schools and Medicaid Quarterly Call (PPTX)
  • AAC Concurrence Procedure, Brevard County School District (PDF)
  • AHCA’s SMMC Roll Out Schedule (PDF)
  • AHCA’s SMMC Health and Dental Plans (PDF)
Quarterly Call (4/17/18)
  • PowerPoint — Florida Medicaid Draft Rule 59G-4.035, School Based Services Policy (PPTX) (PDF)
Medicaid Contacts Call (1/23/18)
  • PowerPoint — Collier County/Julie Accorsini: “Four Powerful Strategies to Uncover the Full Potential in Your District’s Reimbursement” (PPTX)
  • PowerPoint – Palm Beach County NAME 2017 Presentation (PPTX)
Quarterly Call (12/5/17) (PDF)
  • PowerPoint — Schools and Medicaid Quarterly Call (PPTX)
Quarterly Call (8/24/17) (PDF)
  • PowerPoint — Schools and Medicaid Quarterly Call (PPTX)
Quarterly Call (2/28/17) (PDF)
  • Preapproved Job Categories and Codes for Sample Pool (PDF)
  • PowerPoint — Schools and Medicaid Quarterly Call (PPTX)
Quarterly Call (4/20/2016) (PDF)
Quarterly Call (1/7/2016) (PDF)
Quarterly Call (5/22/2015) (PDF)
Quarterly Call (2/10/2015) (PDF)
Quarterly Call (12/16/2014) (PDF)
Archived 2012-2016 Annual Schools and Medicaid Meetings (Agendas, Presentations, and Handouts) (Click here.)
Emails from FDOE/USF to school district Medicaid contacts related to schools and Medicaid
7/23/2015 — Medicaid Contacts Survey (PDF)
6/30/2015 — Important Information from AHCA (PDF)
5/27/2015 — Annual Schools and Medicaid Meeting (Registration and Agenda) (PDF)
  • Attachment - 2015 Medicaid and Schools 101 Agenda (PDF)
  • Attachment - 2015 Schools and Medicaid Meeting Agenda (Draft) (PDF)
5/12/2015 — Save the Date: Annual Schools and Medicaid Meeting (PDF)
4/27/2015 — Information from AHCA (PDF)
  • Attachment - RMS Timeline (PDF)
Important Links
Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) is responsible for the administration of the Medicaid program, for the licensure and regulation of health facilities and for providing information to Floridians about the quality of the health care they receive in Florida.
National Alliance for Medicaid in Education represents the nation's Medicaid and Education agency staff, along with local education agency administrators, with programmatic responsibility for administering Medicaid's Administrative Claiming and Direct Billing of Health Related Service programs in schools.
Healthy Kids Corporation (KidCare) arranges health care coverage for Florida's uninsured children.
Shared District Resources
  • PowerPoint Presentation from September 30, 2015 conference call/AdobeConnect session with school districts (PPTX)
  • Examples of ICD-10 codes and ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversions shared by school districts:
  • Common Psychological and Social Work Billing Codes (PDF)
  • Detailed Comparison Spreadsheet (from Milly Markle, Taylor County) (XLS)
  • Nursing Codes (PDF)
  • Occupational Therapy ICD-9/ICD-10 Crosswalk (PDF)
  • OT/PT Codes (PDF)
  • Physical Therapy ICD-9/ICD-10 Crosswalk (PDF)
  • Psychology/Social Work ICD-9/ICD-10 Crosswalk (PDF)
  • Speech-Language Diagnosis Codes (PDF)
  • Speech-Language Pathology ICD-9 to ICD10 Diagnostic Codes (PDF)
  • Speech-Language Therapy ICD-9/ICD-10 Crosswalk (PDF)