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Planning and Implementation Resources
Integrated Student Services in Schools: Action Guide (PDF Download)Developed by the Student Support Services Project, this guide has been designed to assist student services professionals as they increase the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral development and success of students within a multi-tiered system of supports.
Implementing the Florida Standards: Role of Student Services Personnel Action Brief (PDF Download) — The purpose of this Action Brief is to clarify the role of student services personnel in implementing the Florida Standards, inspiring dialogue among professionals sharing the responsibility for successful standards implementation and mobilizing local planning efforts to support the work of teachers and administrators in this implementation.
Guiding Tools for Instructional Problem Solving - Revised (GTIPS-R)Web-Based Resource or Downloadable Version — is a "how-to" manual for district and school teams engaged in the systematic planning/problem-solving process to improve student outcomes.
MTSS Implementation Components: Ensuring common language and understanding (PDF Download) — This resource has been jointly developed by the FLPBS: MTSS and FL PS/RtI Projects in order to help support alignment of common language and common understanding regarding MTSS/RtI. The document is intended to assist district and school teams in developing the common language and common understanding critical for implementing an integrated, singular system meeting the needs of all students.
Implementing the Florida Standards within a System of Supports (Online Video)— This five-minute video emphasizes how to meet a wide range of student needs through a coordinated and integrated multi-tiered/multi-leveled system of supports.
RtI-Based SLD Identification Toolkit — The RtI Action Network has developed (in partnership with CASE, NASDSE, and NASP) this online toolkit. It is a detailed resource that summarizes what the law requires and provides a clear vision of best practice related to an RTI-based SLD Identification process.
What Is Special about Special Education? Specially Designed Instruction for Students with Disabilities within a Multi-tiered System of Supports (PDF Download)This document was developed to clarify the relationship between specially designed instruction, core instruction, and interventions within a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) for educators developing, improving, and maintaining systems of support for all students.

State and National Resources: MTSS, Problem Solving, and RtI
Florida’s Problem Solving/Response to Intervention Projectis a collaboration between the Florida Department of Education and the University of South Florida. In addition to other invaluable resources, the project has developed a number of current, to-the-point MTSS Fact Sheets. This page is regularly updated as more Fact Sheets are listed when they become available, and existing Fact Sheets are revised as necessary.
Florida's Multi-Tiered System of Supports website from the Florida Department of Education's Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services.
Florida’s Response to Intervention for Behavior (RtI:B) Database — Funded by the Department of Education, Florida’s RtI:B database gives districts and schools an easier way to analyze their behavior data.
RtI Action Network website is an online guide to essential information about implementing Response to Intervention (RTI). The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) has developed this comprehensive site to help facilitate and support the development, replication, scalability, and sustainability of RTI to improve educational outcomes for all students.
Parent Resources for MTSS
Parent Guide to Multi-Tiered System of Supports — This brochure provides an overview of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports and answers common questions parents often have about. This information is appropriate to share with all parents of students in Florida schools. Districts and schools may want to add local contact information on the brochures. For assistance with adding local contact information, contact Marsha Studdard at
Parent Information for Students Receiving Intensive Interventions — This brochure provides information to parents of students receiving intensive interventions. Districts and schools may want to add local contact information on the brochures. For assistance with adding local contact information, contact Marsha Studdard at
Archived/Historic Presentations & Resources: RtI in Florida 2005-2010
The Response to Intervention (RtI) Model (FY 2006-08) (February 2006)
Collaborative Planning and Problem Solving (Cohen, Castillo, and Curtis) — NASP 2007

Early Reading Intervention: A Preliminary Analysis of a State Initiative’s Impact on Special Education Outcomes, paper presentation (José Castillo et al.) — NASP 2006

Implementing a Large-Scale Problem-Solving Initiative: Scaffolding Accountability, Response to Intervention, and Staff Training (George Batsche and Michael Curtis) — NASP 2005  
Implementing the Problem-Solving/Response to Intervention Protocols: Implications for School Social Workers (George Batsche) — FASSW 2005, Keynote Address
Implementing Tiered Service Delivery in Kindergarten: A Case Study (Castillo, et al.) — NASP 2007  
Problem-Solving and Response to Intervention: Focusing on Improved Academic Achievement for ALL Students (George Batsche) — FASN 2007
Problem-Solving and Response to Intervention (RtI): Implications Policies and Practice in Social Work (George Batsche) — SSWAA 2007
Problem Solving and Response to Intervention: School Psychologists’ Beliefs, Practices, and Training Needs, paper presentation (Larry Porter et al.) — NASP 2006
Problem Solving and Response to Intervention (Rtl): Strategies to Maximize Student Progress (George Batsche) — FASSW 2005

RtI Institute General Session (George Batsche, Don Kincaid, Bambi Lockman, Melinda Webster) — 7th Annual Just Read, Florida! K-12 Leadership Conference 2008

Breakout Sessions:

Response to Intervention: Getting Going, Where to Start (Batsche and Tilly) — NASP 2007


  • An Academic Support Plan for K-3 Readers (PDF Download)
  • Beyond Islands of Exellence: What Districts Can Do to Improve Instruction and Achievement in All Schools — Learning First Alliance (PDF Download)
  • Response to Intervention Needs Checklist (PDF Download)
Scaling Up Response to Intervention in Florida (Heather Peshak George, Mary Little, George Batsche) — AMM 2008, Topical Session
Shifting Gears: SLD Determination in an RtI World (David Wheeler) — FASP Summer Institute, 2010
Student Services Personnel and RtI — Bridging the Skill Gap (George Batsche) — AMM 2008, FASSA Institute
Use of the Problem-Solving Method to Enhance Student Performance: Statewide Implementation (George Batsche and Michael Curtis) — AMM 2004
Using Problem Solving and Response to Intervention to Develop, Implement and Evaluate Effective Interventions for Students (George Batsche) — CSPD Annual Conference 2005